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People Are Loving This Single Mom’s Reaction To A Dads-Only

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What’s More Important than the Wedding Dress?

Simon Says Events Every little girl, or fully grown adult woman like myself, thinks about two things when it comes to getting married. The ring, and the dress! Trust me, when these brides are eight years old and making veils out of toilet paper they aren’t dreaming about their dream seating chart. And, if 19 seasons of Say Yes to the Dress have taught us anything, it’s that women still fantasize

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

We’ve all been to a bachelorette party, you play fun games, dress up and drink way too much Rosé. However, how many of us have planned the bachelorette party? I would not volunteer for this job unless it was my absolute best friend.   Some people reading this will think “but bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun?” and other people are thinking “You could not pay me enough to

What to look for in a Wedding photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer is extremely important. With so many important moments on your wedding day, which include VIPs like yourself, your family, friends, and especially your future spouse.  You’re going to want to get this on camera so you can look back at those treasured moments over for years to come and post them on Facebook so all your friends can see what a hottie your new wife

How to throw an Awesome Children’s Birthday Party

A great and fun celebration can be done on almost any budget… The reality is that when you work on being more creative while planning to get what kids want for their party, it will be fun and exciting for everyone. Therefore, to plan a memorable KIDs PARTY, you will need a clever cost-cutting party idea that will consist of several unique, conforming and creative ideas that will definitely fit

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