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What’s More Important than the Wedding Dress?

Every little girl, or fully grown adult woman like myself, thinks about two things when it comes to getting married. The ring, and the dress! Trust me, when these brides are eight years old and making veils out of toilet paper they aren’t dreaming about their dream seating chart.

And, if 19 seasons of Say Yes to the Dress have taught us anything, it’s that women still fantasize about their dream dress at any and every age, if you’ve seen the show you know that I mean every age. The wedding dress is how you want to look on a day that is completely and totally about you, yes you!

Your husband to be will be there also but let’s be real here, men are mostly along for the ride. This Huff Post article interviewed 17 men, and while most were excited about the after-party (no surprise there)  many said that they couldn’t wait to see their bride walking down the aisle to them as their future wife.

This is why the wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding. Since many couples are opting to elope or do a small backyard wedding, as opposed to a huge event, this makes the wedding dress even more important to the wedding.

Think about it, you’ve decided to elope on a beach with maybe 20 of your closest friends and family, maybe a rogue plus one snuck in there too. No wedding planner, extravagant flowers, or giant chocolate fountain, just you and your fiance telling each other you want to spend the rest of your life together.

In this beautiful and simple ceremony, you are focusing on what matters, your love for each other. Now, while that is one of the most beautiful things in the world, what are people supposed to focus on if not the dress?!

If you’re going to pick an option that will save you a ton of money, at least splurge on your dress. You deserve it after managing to get your family on an island without them killing each other.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What if I’m planning a huge wedding? Does that mean my dress doesn’t matter as much?” No, this just means that you need to step up your dress game a little.

If you have a room full of flowers, silk drapes, and gold statues, your dress needs to make them all pale in comparison. You will not be upstaged by a diamond chandelier!

Take this opportunity to get your 16 bridesmaids on a girl’s trip to Kleinfelds in NYC and try on that silk dress with a 10-foot train, or that hand-stitched pearl veil made in Italy, and don’t forget that Swarovski crystal tiara to go with it.

Your wedding dress and how you look on your wedding day matter. I know a lot of people say that “it’s just one day” and you have the rest of your life together and that’s true. However, this is going to be your first impression to your fiance as his future wife, and first impressions matter.

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